PURA©essenza , the wallpaper with integrated antibacterial technology and pleasantly scented; wise blend of creativity, hygiene and pleasant fragrances, give life to new stories of well-being, for a better quality of living


The antibacterial function is realized thanks to the silver ions that allow to block and eliminate the birth and proliferation of bacteria; in this way the working surfaces of the low thickness creative coatings PURA©essenza assume a continuous protection, effective and durable against the proliferation of common bacteria, a real shield embedded in the surface that eliminates up to 99.9% of common bacteria, for a healthy, safe, protected and pleasantly scented living

Bacteria are invisible, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Thanks to the antibacterial technology integrated in PURA©essenza, their growth is significantly limited allowing more hygiene and easier cleaning.


Always active antibacterial protection, 24 hours a day, and the perfume that expands in the environment, that welcomes us when we return home, that whole that tastes good, unites and involves with that sense of order and clean that makes us feel good. PURA©essenza   is the personality of each of us, the invisible essence that reaches everyone.


The antibacterial technology with silver ions integrated in the surfaces of PURA©essenza has a powerful action against bacteria, but has no harmful effect on the environment, health and welfare of people and animals


The new and exclusive Pura©essenza wallpaper are proposed in the fragrances spicy tea, oriental dream, green leaves, forest flowers.


Pura©essenza, the wallpaper that give life to new stories of well-being


Because with the creative coatings Pura©essenza is better:
- antibacterial protection and fragrance always active, day and night, 24 hours on 24;
- high elasticity and high resistance to impact, abrasion and wear;
- waterproof and stain-proof surface;
- resistant to temperature, light and non-yellowing;
- low thickness, which allows it to be installed on any type of surface without the need to dismantle the existing one;
- does not contain solvents and does not emit harmful substances or during laying or after, and leaves a pleasant scent in the environment;
- is biocompatible, raw materials do not cause damage to organisms and ecosystems of the biosphere;
- produces no vapour barrier, the surface therefore "breathes" freely, contributing to the regulation of the microclimate of the environment and promotes well-being living;
- easy installation and rapid drying;

- low-thickness floor and wall coverings ideal for everyone environments, especially where high standards of hygiene, cleanliness and harmony are required such as hotel, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, medical offices, wellness centres, spas, kitchens , bathrooms and showers, both public and private.