Creative coveringsĀ© for interior design;

quality, technology and craftsmanship
for product excellence.


Each creative coatingĀ© is made with great attention to the quality and technical characteristics of the materials, combining in every single product, the reliability of production processes and the experience and dedication of craftsmanship; the result are coatings treated in every detail, even the least visible.

Customized solutions

In a world dominated by mass production, Pixie group is naturally dedicated to customization that leads us to develop unique products starting from a project, an image, an idea.

Tailor Made collection

Each collection is made "to measure", redesigned to meet the design needs and proportionate to the size of the surfaces to be covered, to integrate with the spaces and develop unique and exclusive design projects.

Low thickness, renew without demolishing

Low thickness solutions that allow you to easily upgrade, without the need to dismantle the existing, under the "clean site", with non-invasive processing, without the use of noisy equipment, and with the extraordinary advantage of achieving considerable time and cost savings.