Pixie group for the Contract; 

technology, creativity, innovation, personalized assistance, to live the exclusive experience of a unique product. Thanks to the experience gained over time, the continuous and meticulous search for new ideas, new technologies compatible with the ecosystem, Pixie group today represents a point of reference for designers, architects and design studios involved in the complex contract market, whose boundaries range from corporate to retail, from marine to public space, from hospitality to health care, including residential.


You need personality to stand out from the competition and present yourself to a demanding and distracted clientele; the creative© coverings of Pixie group translate your personality in environments characterized and unique, where it is easy to communicate their exclusivity. 


Moreover, the low thickness of the coatings, the simplicity and the rapidity of laying, compared to the traditional renovation techniques, allow to requalify without the need to dismantle the existing, under the "clean yard" regime, with non-invasive processing, and without the use of noisy equipment, incompatible with the normal activity of public premises. All this then results in the possibility of not having to stop the normal activity of the exercise, thus avoiding the loss of daily income.

The quality of the product is communicated through technology, design, efficiency, essential parameters in the hotel, catering and wellness sector; environments designed to accommodate people whose essential characteristics are given by high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. In this perspective, the wallpaper with antibacterial technology Pura© represent the solution, safe and ecological, VOC free, capable of combining the high level of hygiene and cleanliness given by the antibacterial protection integrated in the surface, always active, 24 hours a day, with high fire resistance, high abrasion resistance, waterproof and high light resistance, without sacrificing style and design.

Retail and Exhibition  


Entertainment, atmosphere and multi-sensory stimulation;
These are the levers of the retailer to make the store more and more emotional and stimulate the process of purchasing goods and services.

The Customer wants today be welcomed in a comfortable, tidy, healthy and clean place.

In the process of redevelopment of an exercise or a commercial activity, the timing of construction and the technical characteristics of the products, play a decisive role in the acceptance of the project.


The Pura© fiberglass wallpaper, with antibacterial protection integrated in the surface, is extremely flexible, suitable for any type of surface of the store, from walls to furniture, from floors to ceilings, the laying is simple and non-invasive, requires low maintenance and maximizes emotional impact with unique and exclusive design solution.

Health Care

In care environments, hygiene and cleanliness are essential; therefore it is essential to offer antibacterial solutions and products, resistant to dirt, water, staining agents and wear.
It is also established that offering welcoming environments in shapes and colors, with serene atmospheres, improves the productivity of medical staff and the mood of patients, also reducing the perception of medicalization thus creating a positive image that contributes to a climate of trust and collaboration between the patient and the medical staff.

The creative© antibacterial coatings Pura© offer high performance and allow to make more comfortable and emotional spaces generally anonymous

Public Space                       

Nowadays the managers of public premises must meet the needs of customers, which requires frequent renewals or changes.

It can happen that a manager has furniture that is difficult to adapt to new fashions and trends, or furniture and structures too heavy and complex to disassemble and replace.

Even in these cases, the creative coatings© low thickness Pure© represent the healthy, clean, hygienic, durable and design alternative, the purchase of new furniture, as they guarantee fast and non-invasive redevelopment of furniture, doors, walls, false ceilings, elevators, boiserie.

Low thickness, maximization of emotional impact, design, hygiene, customization, flexibility, quality, ease of washing, quick and non-invasive laying; thanks to these their characteristics, our creative coatings© low thickness, are the best answer to the needs of the suppliers of integrated solutions for the Contract operating in the wide market of redevelopment of spaces.