Duo Tech: is our new and exclusive creative cover in non woven fabric. In just 4 mm thick C from a Lambda of 0.040 W/mk and a vapor diffusion value Sd= 0.06; it is therefore an open pore coating thanks to which it is possible to heat the environment faster (increases the surface temperature of the wall), resulting in energy savings. In addition, the coating has the ability to absorb up to 50% of the noise inside the room, then performs an acoustic correction to the reverb. Fire reaction class B2. With only 4 mm of thickness, we can define it as an interior coat that does not take away living space.


Duo-tech slows down the heat flow to the outside and increases the surface temperature of the wall thus allowing a rapid heating of the environment and a consequent saving on energy costs.

Decorative, functional, and functional, ecological. duo-tech the new exclusive multifunctional coating of Pixie group that improves thermal and acoustic comfort.


Design, for quiet surfaces

Reducing environmental noise, a daily problem in restaurants, dining rooms, or other entertainment venues, is often difficult to understand without raising your voice or even following a conversation. The Environmental noise leads to an uncomfortable situation.


Sound absorption is the ability of a material to retain a part of the sound that reaches it. The new coating creative Duo-Tec absorbs up to 50% of the sound that reaches it and reduces its propagation and echo, thus acting as an acoustic corrector, improves living comfort and decorates the walls.

duo-tech the new dimension of living comfort; Pixie group be different