with Arborea we continue our exploration of the natural world inspired by the unique emotions that nature offers us.


Arborea is a classic wallpaper in TNT, designed to regain contact with the world around us and to dress the walls of our environments with positive sensations.


Arborea is available in 3 different models, Arborea 20 Arborea 40 and Arborea 70 which differ only in the grain size of the wood fibres incorporated.


arborea 20


Arborea is produced using selected recycled paper and special recycled textile fibres, mixed with polymeric binders. Production is the result of a special continuous line industrial process. The fabric is produced by superimposing several layers of fabric inside which wood fibers are incorporated, the surface is therefore pleasantly material and thanks to the embedded wood fibers, the coating has the property of regulating the humidity level of the environment.

arborea 40


The parade has Oeko Tex 100 certification and B1 fire reaction class.


arborea 70